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A plan (and a Jackson) is born

Beverages consumed in this episode: Erdinger (5.3%), Leffe Blond (6.6%), Brewdog v Northern Monk Vermont sessions (5.2%), Aldi Root beer.

First of all, huge congratulations to Andy and Amy on the birth of their son, Jackson Ryan. Let the sleepless nights begin!! Beans and Gaz know from personal experience that there’s many a decent game of NFL to watch in the early hours!! Gaz nearly got the name right – he dismissed his first guess Jack Ryan which is about as close as close can be!!

So, a plan is born? Yuup. After listening to what Snowy Dyson had to say about wheelchair players finding it difficult to get a game at every level especially entry level. He challenged us to think about why there were no players in our teams and that made us think. Surely there must be disabled players in the Alsager and surrounding area that would love to get a game… and that’s where we felt that we had to do something. It’s OK not to act if you don’t know there’s a problem – but once you know, can you really carry on like nothing is wrong? NO!! That makes you worse. Radway Club (where we completed 2 Guinness World Records) has wheelchair access but lacks wheelchair darting facilities and also has no disabled W.C. As always we plan to get sponsorship to have another go at a Guinness World Record – this time, the most trebles scored in 24 hours by a team – The money will be then spent on getting some of Jed MacPhee’s Flexi-boards in (Jed’s on board!!) and getting a disabled toilet kitted out and then hopefully putting on a tournament to launch the newly kitted club as a disabled darts friendly pub.

Can you help us? Let us know if you want to get involved.

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