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TBR at the darts

Beverages consumed in this episode: Belhaven Best (3.2%), Double Trouble Gin (40%) and tonic.

With Andy off on paternity leave, Gaz and Beans headed up to Scotland for the World Cup of disability darts in Whitburn.

We’d been looking forward to this dor quite a while. It was our first outside broadcast and when you listen or watch, you can definitely tell, we know what changes we need to make for next time but we were really pleased with the overall result. We spoke to 6 different people with 6 different perspectives and learned a lot more than we anticipated.

First we spoke to Jed MacPhee – the inventor of the Flexi-board. It’s almost rude to point out who simple the design is but it was so clever. We also got to speak to Jim Mitchell who has done so much for disabled darts than you could imagine. We spoke to Eddie Bailey who was representing England and Debbie (Sorry Debbie, we never got your surname) who was representing Scotland. Scott from Double Trouble joined us – they were sponsoring the event and their world class spirits were available behind the bar and they had a stall to pick yourself up a bottle of the good stuff.

The other interview we did was Snowy Dyson – a world cup winner with England, an outstanding Darts player and a bit of a character. He was willing to talk to us about the challenges facing the darts player who just happens to be disabled. He made us take a look at our leagues and our teams in a different way. Once he had opened our eyes, we both felt that we couldn’t just go home and carry on playing darts. We felt that we wanted to do something different.

That night, Gaz and Beans headed into Edinburgh to the Salt Horse bar and started plotting what we needed to do…. but you’ll just have to wait for Episode 87 to hear it…

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