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Tall Boy Radio – The Blog

Secret societies with the Pubtime Podcast

Bevereages consumed in this episode : Victory sour monkey sour ale (9.5%), Paulaner Oktoberfest (6%), Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer (5.3%), Boddington’s ale (4.6%), Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout (5.5%), Old Speckled hen (5%), Harp lager (4.3%), Birra Morretti (4.6%), La Chouffe Blond (8%), BrewDog Mail Order Martian milkshake IPA (7%) Length : Unedited Video (1h28m20s),…

Lights, Camera… Bludgeon

Beverages consumed in this episode: Leffe (0.0%), Nothing comes from nothing IPA (0.5%), Beavertown Gamma Ray (5.4%), Leffe Blond (6.6%), Vocation 7th anniversary chocolate mint barrel-aged stout (12.2%) Lengths : Unedited Video (1h11m07s), Edited Audio (1h7m29s) Dates : Recorded (24.12.23), Video release (26.12.23), Audio release (30.01.23) Hosts : Beans (157), Gaz (122), Dave (16) Guests…

Father Vic

Beverages consumed in this episode : Bavaria Hollandia Alcohol frei (0.0%), Leffe Alcohol free (0.0%), La Chouffe (8%), Glen Cannich Cauld Brew Espresso Martini Pale Ale (4.5%) Dates : Recorded (17.01.23), Video Release (19.01.23) Audio Release (23.01.23) Lengths : Video (1h18m4s) Audio (1h16m35s) Hosts : Beans (156), Gaz (121), Dave (15) Guest : Vic Ferrari…

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