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Two Fat Ladies

Beer consumed in this episode : Hoegaarden (4.9%), Leffe Blond (6.6%), Delirium Red (8%), Wild Weather John Peel Banana Millshake IPA (5.5%), BrewDog Parma Violet IPA (5.5%)

Each week we use our blog to single out a topic from the podcast. Going forward we’ll be asking a question that relates to it, that you’ll be able to respond to on Spotify. We’ll pin our favourite answer to the question so every subsequent listener will also get to read your response.

This week we pondered why people get so excited about Halloween. Listen, we get that it’s fun (Gaz aside) and that Trick ‘r’ treating is a bit of spooky fun and we also understand it’s origins (check out the episode we did about Halloween last year. Link at the bottom of this post). What we don’t understand is why people start getting excited about Halloween in September?? Surely it’s literally just a couple of days earlier – at the very earliest??

What is it about Halloween that you love so much – it ain’t Christmas with it’s positive messages of love and compassion for your fellow man – so please let us know why you love Halloween so much?

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