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#TBR148 – World Cup 2022 Tall Boy Radio

In this episode, Beans and Gaz talk about the real greatest show on earth… the World Cup. It's just kicked and builds to a crescendo in late December when only the best 2 teams will be left. Will England or Wales be there? Will favourites Brazil take the title. England scored 6 and Harry Kane didn't bag, can he still grab the Golden Boot? Will Gareth Bale add another trophy to his already full cabinet? We can't talk about the World Cup without mentioning the controversy surrounding the decision to have it in Qatar and the celebrities that have faced criticism for their association with the tournament. Go grab yourself a cold can of BrewDog, kick back and enjoy. Did you know you can get 20% off your order at just by listening to this podcast. The opening music is "London Bayou" and the closing music is "BDS" by Lewis Pickford. This episode is also available on @YouTube
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About the podcast…

It all started in early February, 2020 as a solo podcast called “Beans does stuff”. This ran for 19 episodes. Episode 17 was “Beans, Gaz and the Viking do NFL UK, beer and stuff” and was the first to feature the current line-up. The idea was born and episode 20 “Staycationing” saw Tall Boy Radio launched. Kenn was added as a guest host shortly afterwards. The concept is simple – each week we pick a different subject and break down the basics and share our opinions intermingled with the occasional fact. We love hearing from our listeners and getting them involved. Grab yourself a cold one and enjoy the show!

Your hosts…


One time Ghostbuster. One time Anarcho-pacifist. Breaker of 2 Guinness world records. Big Arsenal and Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Huge Morrissey fan. 50% Welsh. 25% English and 25% Cherokee.


A ghostbuster and 1 half of Pickford and Dickinson : Parapsychologists, Investigators/ consultants. Massive Everton and Chicago Bears fan. Loves sports and poker. Breaker of 2 Guinness world records.


Seldom seen without a Belgian beer in his hand. Man United and Detroit Lions fan. Currently renovating a VW camper van but refusing to paint it like the A-team van!

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, contact us below and let us know what you want to talk about!

Recorded in Cheshire, listened to Worldwide

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