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Aye there’s the rub.

Beers drank in this episode : Erdinger (5.3%), Beartown Wojtek (5.5%), Beartown BlueBeary (4.4%) Beartown Peach MelBear (4%)

The Reload Rub has arrived and we couldn’t be more excited. Todd and Johnny are going to be coming back on tge podcast whilst we taste test Reload’s Magnum on a piece of steak. Except that is for Beans who can’t eat steak – we’d love to hear your best recipes for us to use with the rubs – we have all 7 – what should we cook with them? How should we prepare it? Beans is threatening to try it with tofu – we need to stop this happening!! Comment with your best suggestions below!

Want to find out more about Reload Rub, click the link below. They don’t ship ouside of the US just yet :-

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