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Why are we fascinated with serial killers?

Let’s be clear on this, at no point during this episode do we glorify their activities or placate their egos. We simply ask the question – why are we fascinated with Serial killers? Of course, we get a little distracted with the semantics along the way – but what else do you expect from Tall Boy Radio?

Each one of us pick a different Serial Killer, whether that be Jack the Ripper or Harold Shipman and talk a little about their crimes and what it is that has people fascinated with what it is that they do. What is it that made their crime unique and created the intrigue around them. As we said, we also get distracted and discuss what actually is a serial killer? What defines a murder? Can a mafia hitman be described as a serial killer? Are snipers committing murder?

We could have gone on for a lot longer than we did. This is one of those topics that we will no doubt revisit. We never even got to talk about the Black Panther who had been spotted in – the home of TBR – Alsager and one of his victims was discovered in Bath pool, Kidsgrove.

Let us know what you think…

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