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2 Gins and a Banana Dolphin

In 2021, we set oursleves ourselves a goal to work with some other podcasters and create some TBR collaboration episodes. This is the second such venture. The Scottish Alchemists run gin-tasting events in Scotland and their podcast is part of what they do. We sent them a gin – A Stokie Bottom Knocker (You can get yourself a bottle here : – it’s a good one and they sent us a Marylebone London Dry Gin (You can get yourself a bottle here – it’s a good one and a strong one!)

We taste-tested each on the podcast and tried to discern the flavours of each. It’s a great idea for a podcast – if you are a podcaster, We would definitely recommend you try it! We also tried some different garnishes including the now infamous Banana Dolphin that they had talked about on their podcast (FYI 2 days after hearing this on their podcast, I saw it on a show called Ultimate Food Fun that I was watching with my kids) – as a garnish it looks pretty good but is much too large. I need a micro-banana.

Check out the Scottish Alchemists and see what they do, you can also pick up their book here : They are going to create a cocktail for our book so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

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