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It’s Friday the 13th… what else could we talk about? Well Jason Vorhees obviously but next time, I promise. We all have that one thing that we’re deathly afraid of and in some cases we don’t know why. In this episode we talk about the stuff that give us the willies. Not only that we take a look a look at the most common and some more unusual ones and give our verdict on them.

Beans has no issues talking about his fear of spiders… and the retro-fitted vacuum solution for dealing with his fears. Andy’s fear aren’t heights, they’re a little more specific than that… and Gaz – well he has his fears too.

In next week’s episode there is a real treat for 2 of the 3 TBR guys. It’s a a once in a lifetime opportunity but you’ll have to tune in next week to see what it’s all about… but it every bit as awesome as we hoped it would be!

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