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Guy Fawkes

We have listeners in 22 different countries – have we mentioned that before? – so we thought we’d do an episode about a celebration that we take for granted in the UK but that isn’t celebrated outside of the British territories. If you’ve seen the film “V for Vendetta” you’ll be familiar with his face (well mask anyway) but what do you know about the origins of the Gunpowder plot? Why it took place? and a few other facts about the history of this near-miss. Despite Gaz mentioning Oliver Cromwell 10 times or so – he had nothing to do with the plot (he was only 6 when it took place!)

We also talk about the modern day celebrations and what we do on November 5th. The most famous celebrations in the UK take place in Lewes, where 6 modern effigies are burnt each year. Who would it have been 2020 – get in touch and let us know your thoughts!

As soon as Halloween is finished and Bonfire night has done with startling dogs, thoughts naturally turn to Christmas. We’ll be recording our Christmas episode at the start of December and we’d love to hear from you guys to let us know what you want to hear us talk about. Drop us an email, leave us a voice message or comment on one of our posts and let us know!

Take Care!

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