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Whisky Throttle

Whisky throttle is an expression mainly from the world of extreme sports… when you watch the guy give the bike or car a little bit too much ‘gas’ and ends up screaming off the corner. It’s not really related to this episode but it’s about cars and about whisky so it made sense.

Beans and Andy were lucky enough to be some of the select few who were allowed to taste Double Trouble Whisky before it went out to a wider audience and then on to it’s full release. The original plan was that we were going to be amongst a team of ten lucky folks or so (real life Willy Wonka-stuff) to head up to Dumfriesshire and taste the different Whiskies to help define the final blend. How awesome would that have been? We were happy to accept second best – Thank you Covid!! The Whisky was fantastic – way better than we expected it to be and we were expecting it to be good as it was blended by an award winning blender. We were hugely grateful to David and Scott for allowing us to test it. When it is available, we’ll definitely be buying a few bottles.

Gaz hosted the main episode. Cars was this week’s subject… and seeing as Gaz is a teacher there was a quick movie car quiz too. We talked about our very questionable car histories as well as our dream cars and our dream road trip. Amazingly we all said that we would pick a Dodge to make that journey in. But different models… and different road trip buddies. Andy said he would be happier doing it alone! … and smashing his Dodge Challenger into a bulldozer at the end of it. This won’t be the last episode that we do about the autocar!

“Your big-headed friend just lost himself a ride!”

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