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Designated Podcasters

Beverages consumed in this episode : Polly’s Pale ale (5%), Polly’s Hellas lager (4.5%), Northern Monk Aunt Bessie’s Jam Roly Poly with Custard (4.5%), Oakham Inferno (4%), Oakham Citra session ale (4.5%), Leffe Blond (6.6%), Nelson’s Victory Hazy TIPA (10.9%)

Lengths : Video (1h15m40s) Audio (1h13m01s)

Dates : Recorded (10.07.22) Video release (21.07.22) Audio release (25.07.22)

Hosts : Beans (130), Andy (102), Gaz (101)

Guests : Lisa Marks, Jason Marks

Back by popular demand, we were joined by Lisa and Jason of the Designated Quizzers Podcast…. This time with no quiz. We wanted to chat to your favourite quiz hosts (apart from Jim Bowen) about their Podcast and to learn a little more about this hard-working duo. They really are fantastic people… when they’re not making us drink awful concoctions and answer impossible questions. Did we avert disaster? Did anyone get absolutely leathered? Did Gaz pass the Louisiana test – spoiler alert, no he didn’t!


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