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Human Racing

Beverages consumed in this episode : Hickory’s Pale ale (5%), Black Garlic Farm Garlic ale (4.5%), Oakham Citra session ale (4.5%), Brewdog v Mikkeller Urban Fog (6.5%), Beavertown Gamma Ray (5.4%)

Lengths : Video (1h10m57s) Audio (1h8m17s)

Dates : Recorded (05.07.22) Video Release (14.07.22) Audio Release (18.07.22)

Hosts : Beans (129), Andy (101), Gaz (100)

This episode is a bit of a collector’s item for 2022 in that it’s one of the rare episodes that we aren’t joined by a guest. It’s also one of the rarer more serious episodes in that we talk about the demise of the human race…. It got dark quickly, didn’t it? We look at the main reasons why or how we could be wiped out – and focus on our biggest threat AI. Really? Apparently so. Let us know what you think!


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