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The guest experience

We are recording an episode next week with Todd Orndorf and Johnny Simonetti of the Toddcast podcast. They will be our 15th and 16th guests on the podcast – so now seems as good a time as many to share a bit of information about the first 14!

Kenn Davenport (13 episodes : 21,25,28,29,30,32,33,38,42,45,46,56,63)

Kenn is without doubt our most prolific guest – so much so that he gets the honourary title of Guest Host and is -as yet- the only guest host we’ve had. Kenn used to work with Beans way back in 2001 for just a few a weeks and they have remained friends since. He is yet to make an appearance since we started doing it as a beer podcast but don’t worry folks – we have a few special episodes planned with Kenn in the future.

Dave Borthwick (5 episodes : 24,31,43,52,78)

Dave is one of the 2 founders of Double Trouble Drinks. Beans and Gaz got to know him during one of our Guinness world record attempts. He gave us a discount off their gin to offer to people who donated and a bottle of gin to giveaway. Not only that he made a couple of very generous donations to the cause. Since then they’ve launched a number of spirits and a beer club and we’ve got to try it all on the podcast. Top guy.

Paul “Sid” Pickford (4 episodes : 10,16,30,55)

Sid is the younger brother of Gaz. It’s fair to say that the 4 episodes that he has appeared on are the most diverse of all the guests. He has the honour of being the first ever guest on the podcast when he reviewed the Nexus on Beans does Darts. In episode 16 we heard him singing at the very end of the episode – check it out : Angry and Lonely by Lost Souls. Sid was part of the succesful (and the pending) Guinness world records attempts.

Mark Weaver (1 episode : 31)

Mark is an old work colleague of Beans’. They became good friends when they were chatting about darts and were asked by a senior colleague to come up with a way of earning some money for charity and they decided to come up with a charity idea that involved spending the weekend in a pub. Hence the 1st (failed) Guinnes World Record attempt was born. Mark has done 3 world record attempts with Beans and Gaz 1 failed, 1 successful, 1 pending. Mark appeared on our most popular episode to date.

Ian Palmer (1 episode : 44)

Ian came on to talk to about his hobby brewing beer in his garage that he grew into a business. He had his beers for sale in many bars in Stoke. Beans met Ian when they were doing an NTC course when they were expecting their first children. Fair play to Ian for coming on this episode because he was in the middle of packing up his house for a move.

Big Tiddy Tidwell and Shiner McShine (1 episode : 54)

This should be 2 seperate entries but how can you separate Tiddy and Shiner. They have the honour of being our first international guests. 2 podcasters from Oklahoma (Check out the Tiddy and Shiner show). Beans started listening to the show when he was looking to find out more about the state where he has his family origins in : Oklahoma – and a podcast with his daughter’s nickname (Tiddy) jumped out. They became friends and Beans founded the podcast (originally called Beans does Stuff) based on his love for their podcast. It was an absolute honour to have them on!

Craig Burton (1 episode : 55)

Gaz and Craig were friends who did weird stuff together and the Beans came and joined them – Dungeons and Dragons. Craig is the elder statesman of the roleplaying group. We shan’t say how long we’ve been doing it for (we don’t do it anymore) but we were all in our 40s the last time we did it.

The Scottish alchemists (Joyce, Carol & Jenny) (1 episode : 57)

The guys first came into the the Scottish alchemists podcast when Andy drank Vimto with his Gin tonic on an episode that featured Dave from Double Trouble drinks. They commented on a few of our twitter posts. We exchanged a couple of gins and tried them on the podcast. We learned a lot from them and did something weird with a banana (shaped it like a dolphin and stuck it in the gin).

Dave Appleton (1 episode : 59)

Dave came on to talk about his experiences as a stand-up comedian, compere and comedy promoter. Dave used to work with Beans (and Mark Weaver) when we all managed stores in and around the Warrington area (Warrington for Dave, Tarporley for Mark and Murdishaw for Beans). Dave is a very funny guy so we weren’t surprised to see that he did some stand-up in his spare time. Anyone who knows Dave knows that he puts his all in to everything. With work, he does so much extra-curricula stuff and is on a ton of committees. He can’t just be a Warrington Wolves fan – he’s on the fans’ forum and has regular meetings with the chairman. With his comedy he now promotes nights and during lockdown he created a virtual pub where people could do their comedy online – it was attended by the MP for Warrington who even mentioned it in the House of Commons!

Scott Borthwick (1 episode : 64)

Scott is the brother of Dave and the co-founder of Double Trouble Drinks. This is a unique episode in more ways than one. It has the longest gap between recording and release. It was recorded in November 2020 and released in April 2021. It was recorded as an episode of Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank in the US) and they gave us free license to ask whatever WHATEVER we wanted. Fun fact : Scott has a better Wifi connection than his brother.

Dave Cartlidge (1 episode : 79)

Dave is the guy responsible for the very 1st part of the intro to the podcast (and this website). Dave and Gaz have been friends since they were 3. Beans and Dave became friends 10 years later and it was Dave who introduced Beans to Gaz (Roleplaying!) This is a unique(-ish) episode. We’d asked Dave to appear on the RPG episode but he stopped long before we did and wasn’t interested. Dave pitched the idea for this episode and the only other episode pitched to us was episode 64 (Tall Boy’s Den)

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