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Setting the bar high

Beers drank in this episode : Tyskie (5.2%), Tatton Black (4.5%), Tatton Best (4.2%), Duvel Tripel hops (9.5%)

This episode is largely based on a question asked by Dave from Double Trouble drinks when he appeared on a previous episode. What do you look for in a bar? We discuss some of our favourote bar experiences and look at what it is that makes them so enjoyable. We then look at – If TBR did a bar what would it entail. I’ll tell you what it wouldn’t entail – eating cheese out of a strange woman’s mouth. You’re more likely to catch something there than eating a dead bat in a Wuhan wet market.

We had had plans to sponsor a beer barrel at the Alsager Beer and gin festival but it has been rearranged for the same weekend as the disability darts world cup that we had already committed to cover on our podcast.

In the ABC, Gaz gives you a history of Tyskie – a Polish beer that we in the UK new little about until the opening up of the free market for workers from Poland to work here in the UK and bring some of their fabulous beer and food with them. Andy tells us about an abbey beer in Belgium called Westvleteren. It’s only available direct from the abbey. We have to try it. Beans talks about a local craft brewery in Knutsford, Cheshire called Tatton. Lee Gannon, the head brewer is a good friend of Andy’s. It’s been going 25 years and there’s some great beers on offer.

The Covid19 pandemic has seen some great restaurant and bars closed – including Beans’ wedding venue – Residence in Nantwich, Cheshire – and we were saddened to hear about the closure of two more. Belgo in London, a Belgian bar and restaurant and Raffael’s in Brussels in Belgium. It’s disappointing to hear but let’s hope that this return to normal continues and these businesses re-emerge.

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