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Celebrity wine drink-off

Beverages consumed on this episode : Graham Norton’s Sauvignon Blanc (12.5%), Kylie Minogue Sauvignon Blance (12%), Gary Barlow Organic red (13.5%), Snoop Dogg’s Cali Red (12.5%), Longboard island lager chelada (4.6%), Jeppson’s mallort liquer (35%)

Dates : Recorded (19.05.23), Video release (01.06.23), Audio release (05.06.23)

Length : Unedited video (1h30m03s), Edited audio (1h29m15s), Live version (1h35m01s)

Hosts : Beans (175), Gaz (136), Dave (29)

Tasting wines – how hard can it be? We taste test 4 celebrity wines and give our opinion. Does the money paid for celebrity endorsement detract from the wine or does their input improve the experience. We do the hard work.. and get pissed a long the way. But we need a frame of reference. Is that wine better than a spiced beer cocktail or a questionable licquer from Illinois? ..and who trumped? All these questions answered and more…


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