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We got you covered…

Beverages consumed in this episode : Pabst Blue Ribbon (4.8%), Mikkeller Evergreen Hazy IPA (3.5%), Vocation Toucan Tropic DDH IPA (6.7%)

Lengths : Unedited Video (1h12m34s), Edited Audio (1h08m42s)

Dates : Recorded (23.04.23), Video Release (04.05.23), Audio Release (08.05.23)

Hosts : Beans (171), Gaz (134)

Guests : Beau Barnett, Kevin Sewell

Everyone loves a trilogy. We’ve looked at Movie remakes and then sequels, so to polish it off nicely we had to look at song covers. Beau joined us for the movie remake episode so it was only right that he saw it through to the conclusion. He also brought a friend. Kevin is a good friend and neighbour in Texas. He has an eclectic taste in music forged by his time in Mississippi, his Alabama-born father and time in the military including a stint in Belgium. We look at the covers we love and throw in some trivia along the way… and don’t forget Beans’ daughter Little Tiddy (aka Matilda) singing the intro.

Why not check out a playlist of all the songs we discussed on this episode in a Spotify Playlist


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