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A Brit travels (to TBR HQ)

Beverages consumed on this episode : Leffe (0.0%), Chimay (7%), Wander beyond brewing co Christmas Pudding and clotted cream Imperial Stout (13%), Azvex Nostalgia Chocolate Orange Imperial Stout (12%).

Lengths : Unedited video (1h19m29s), Edited audio (1h13m35s)

Dates : Recorded (18.04.23), Video Release (27.04.23), Audio release (01.05.23)

Hosts : Beans (170), Gaz (133), Dave (25)

Guest : Leigh Stroud

Planning a holiday? What’s your first port of call once you’ve decided where you are going? YouTube! There’s so many people creating content and a good portion of those are producing really useful videos showing the best places to eat, the best places to stay and what to do whilst there. Leigh is one of those. His “A Brit travels” videos are fantastic and cover a wide variety of places from Legoland to Disneyland, from Alton Towers to Copenhagen and beyond. He chats with us about his love for rollercoasters (including the one he did not enjoy) and his love for all things Disney… and the Far East and how he’s combining the two on his next trip! Check out his travels on the link below.


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