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Dart holes in the wall

Beverages consumed in this episode : Leffe No alcohol (0.0%), Hobgoblin IPA (5%), Brewdog Rubies in the rubble extra pale ale (6.5%)

Lengths : Unedited video (1h04m11s), Edited Audio (1h00m41s)

Dates : Recorded (28.03.23), Video release (13.04.23), Audio release (17.04.23)

Hosts : Beans (168), Gaz (131), Dave (24)

Guest : Dave Borthwick

Dave has been on the podcast a number of times, mainly with his previous venture Double Trouble Drinks. We were on their tasting panel, we gave them a dry run before they went on Dragon’s Den. We took a trip up to Edinburgh, took them on at darts and had (more than) a few beers and attended the World Disability Darts World Cup as their guests…. they also were our “partners” when we broke our last Guinness World Record. So when Dave launched his latest venture Novel Walls, we had to have him back on. They do bespoke mural for your walls. Select one of their photos or use one of your own and of course, they support charities that really really matter. They produce quality products that are easy to install. Check them out….


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