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“Boredom is a choice”

Beverages consumed in this episode : Leffe alcohol free (0.0%), Pabst Blue Ribbon (4.7%)

Lengths : Unedited Video (1h06m16s), Edited Audio (56m52s)

Dates : Recorded (14.03.23), Video release (30.03.23), Audio release (03.04.23)

Hosts : Beans (166), Gaz (129), Dave (22)

Guest : Graham “Mitch” Mitchell

This is the first time that we have used a quote from the episode as the title. It inspired Mitch on his journey through life… and it made us think. Mitch lost an arm in an industrial accident in his early 20s. He was already battling alcohol addiction. A battle he would continue to fight for 20+ more years. A fight he very nearly lost before – facing death from failing organs – he decided to fight back and went to rehab. It was a critical turning point. He talks us through his challenges, his battles and most importantly his triumphs – landing a huge blue marlin, flying a microlite, building furniture, becoming a commercial drone pilot and winning tournaments at darts…. all whilst missing his left arm. It’s an inspirational story.


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