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In front of the lens

Beverages consumed in this episode : Doom Bar 0 alcohol (0.0%), Marble stout (5.7%), 4 hands brewing co. Chocolate Milk stout (5.5%), Off Colour brewing co. Dino S’Mores Imperial Stout (10.5%), Southern tier Brewing co. Nitro thick mint Imperial Stout (10%)

Lengths : Unedited video (1h10m16s), Edited audio (1h08m07s)

Dates : Recorded (07.02.23), Video released (09.02.23), Audio (13.02.23)

Hosts : Beans (159), Gaz (123), Dave (17)

Guests : Jessica Fox

This for me is one of the top 10 episodes that Tall Boy Radio has ever recorded. We are all about breaking stereotypes. We are all about learning. We want to understand the world that we live in. The only way to do that is to understand the people that inhabit it. Without judgement. Without prejudice. We learnt a little about a world that we know little about from that side of the lens. Whether you watch a lot of Porn or none at all, you will take something away from this episode. I promise. We learnt not just about the financial gains, the odd fetishes (admit it, you probably have your own thing that floats your boat!!) but we also tried to understand why this subject is taboo. It doesn’t need to be… and the world would be a safer place if it wasn’t. If you want to explore a little about what Jessica does you can do so by clicking the link below. The Content is 18+ – Enjoy!

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