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Busy Dads

Beverages consumed in this episode : Moretti No alcohol (0.0%), Leffe no alcohol (0.0%), Leffe Blond (6.6%), Northern Monk Heaven Chocolate, Vanilla and maple stout (10%)

Lengths : Video (1h6m54s), Audio (1h4m34s)

Dates : Recorded (10.01.23), Video release (12.01.23), Audio release (16.01.23)

Hosts : Beans (155), Gaz (120), Dave (14)

Guests : Dave McGuinness

It’s January. It’s Blue Monday. But these aren’t the only days that men (and women) struggle with depression, self worth and their mental health. Stress and anxiety have become a regular part of our lives and we need to stare it in the eyes and ask ourselves how are we coping with it? Are we doing fine? That’s great if you are but take a look in your friendship circle. How is everyone doing? I guarantee at the very least one of them is crying out for help silently inside their head and wearing a mask with a smiley face. If it’s hard for them to reach out, maybe you can start the conversation with them. Ask them “How are you doing?” then ask again.

If you are the one that is struggling then reach out. You’ll be amazed at how much it helps. The last thing we want is for you to become another statistic. We want you to reach out way before it gets that far. Please reach out to your friends. If you don’t feel you can reach out to them then why not search out Dave’s Facebook page for busy Dads…


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