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Last Meals

Beverages consumed on this episode : La Chouffe Blond (8%), Harper’s Golden Ale (4.5%), Goose Island and Aldi’s Goose on the loose Indian Pale Lager (5%)

Lengths : Video (1h05m02s), Audio (1h03m18s)

Dates : Recorded (30.11.22), Video Release (08.12.22) Audio Release (12.12.22)

Hosts : Beans (150), Gaz (116)

Guest Host : Dave

There is something fascinating about those individuals who have committed the ultimate crime and taken the life of another human being. We take an odd side glance into their psyche by looking at what they selected as the last thing that they would ever eat. What does it tell us about them? Would we be happy knowing that would be the last thing that we ever ate?

This is a very light-hearted episode but we are not making light of their crimes. If you are offended by the jocular manner of this episode, we are very sorry. It was not our intention. We send our deepest sympathy to anyone affected by their crimes.


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