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What the fudge?

Beverages consumed in this episode : BrewDog Triple Hazy (9.5%) Birra Morretti (4.6%), Beck Blue (0%), Solo pilsener (0%), Koppaberg Strawberry and Lime cider (4%), Salt x Seven Clear seas The Last Straw Pale Ale (5%)

Lengths : Video (1h5m38s), Audio (59m47s)

Dates : Recorded (22.11.22), Video release (01.12.22) Audio release (05.12.22)

Hosts : Beans (149), Gaz (115)

Guests : Dave Cartlidge

We’re on the run up to the festive period where we record multiple episodes on each recording night so we can spend more time with our loves ones and you still don’t miss out on your weekly fix of Tall Boy Radio. This week we decide to trial a new idea. We’ve guested on the Designated Quizzers podcast and they’ve been on TBR. We wanted to try our own idea for quiz which we pretty much nicked off Stephen Fry and Qi. It may feature a couple of times a year but that’s up to you tell us that you like and we’ll use it. Tell us that you don’t and we won’t. Don’t reply and you’re stuck with it!!


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