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World Cup 2022

Beverages consumed in this episode : BrewDog x Mikkeller Urban Fog IPA (6.7%), BrewDog Tony’s Hopolonely White chocolate and raspberry milkshake IPA (6.3%)

Lengths : Video (1h10m53s) Audio (1h2m34s)

Dates : Recorded (22.11.22), Video Release (24.12.22), Audio Release (28.11.22)

Hosts : Beans (148), Gaz (115)

Guests : None

We get into the spirit for “Soccer”‘s biggest showcase – The World Cup final. Players who don’t regularly play together pit themselves against other nations in all of it’s jingoistic glory. We savour the samba flavour and the gallic delights and discuss the chances of the Home Nations going all the way. Could England (sorry, my mistake, it gets a third syllable when these competitions come about – En-Ger-Land) or Wales do the unthinkable and lift the trophy?

Before we get onto that though we have to make mention to Qatar’s appalling record of civil rights and the corruption that lead to them hosting the World Cup.


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