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Northern Southerner beer reviews

Beverages consumed on this episode : FarmYard Brew co Hoof Coffee Milk Stout (4.3%), Sinnister Brew El Diablo Ahumado smoked stout with Mexican Applewood Smoked Pasilla chillies (11.7%)

Dates : Recorded (01.11.22), Video release (03.11.22), Audio release (07.11.22)

Length : Video (1h1m04s) Audio (58m56s)

Hosts : Beans (145)

Guests : Jonathan Brown

If drinking beer required a CV – this guy has the experienece. He’s been reviewing beer online since 2015 – that’s 7 years of beer videos…. and over 2200 beers that he’s tried. There’s no rhyme or reason to the beers he reviews. They could be a mass-produced lager, an ale, Belgian Trips or a craft stout. Jonathan will try them all… and he drinks them all at room temperature so that he can taste each nuance and flavour profile. One thing you get in every review is an honest opinion. Check them out on the link below.


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