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The Beer Emporium – part 2

Beverages consumed in this episode : Beak x 3rd Moon Paste Imperial stout (11%), Floc Whisper DDH Pale Ale (5.2%), Play Raspberry and Guava fizzy dummy sour (5.2%), Black Iris Strawberry and Basil Imperial Goze (10%), La Chouffe Blond (8%), North Brewing Ultra Phase DiPA (8.5%), Almasty Blended Barrels Imperial Stout (10%), Burnt Mill Under the Moon Imperial Coffee Stout (10%).

Lengths : Video (1h19m22s) Audio (1h17m56s)

Dates : Recorded (25.10.22), Video Release (27.10.22), Audio Release (31.10.22)

Hosts : Beans (144), Gaz (112)

Guests : Della Hyde, Liam Bridle

We were again joined by Della for more High jinx from the Sandbach beer Emporium. This time we were also joined by Bar Manager Liam. Last time it was all about the beer, this time we heard much more about the bar and it’s regulars. There were some great stories and plenty of tales about stand-up too…. not every podcast has a story about someone being chased up a tree by someone with dog shit on a stick – but this one does. Round 3 will be recorded in the beer emporium – plans are afoot!


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