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Purposely Curious

Beverages consumed in this episode : Leffe Blond (6.6%) Trappiste Rochefort Triple Extra (8.1%)

Lengths : Video (1h16m04s), Audio (1h13m30s)

Dates : Recorded (16.10.22), Video release (20.10.22), Audio release (24.10.22)

Hosts : Beans (143), Gaz (111)

Guests : Mary Escobar, Leone D Antonio

It was an absolute honour for us to be joined by our guests for this episode… not just because Leone is part of a huge podcast in LA that has guests like Jamie Lee Curtis and Bruce Campbell… but they both host the Purposely Curious podcast – that the guys are big fans of. It’s a very similar principle to Tall Boy Radio. Just imagine TBR with a lot more effort and some actual research. This is one of the best things abot being part of the Podcast community, it affords us the opportunity that to talk to people that we wouldn’t have come in to contact with any other way.

Why not check out their podcasts too…


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