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Use your illusion

Beverages consumed in this episode : Brothers Pink Grapefruit cider (4%), Brothers Parma Violet cider (4%), Vimto, Harper’s Plum Porter (4.8%), Ardwen Hop’s cure (8%), Tete de Mort (8.1%), Ardwen Cerise (4.8%)

Lengths : Video (1h10m23s), Audio (1h7m14s)

Dates : Recorded (04.10.22), Video (06.10.22), Audio (10.10.22)

Hosts : Beans (141), Andy (108)

Guests : Dave Cartlidge, Jon Dickinson

2 of the biggest albums ever recorded. Guns N Roses released Use your illusion 1 and 2 in September 1991 and formed the soundtrack to all of our lives in our early 20s. 3 of us have seen them live and we’re still “fans” of them to this day. We try and decide which of these 2 albums is the best. We use a very unorthodox way of making that final decision. What’s more impressive than some of the stats and facts that we share and not to mention the anecdotes is just how little Dave remembers not just of these time but of stuff we talked about just 30 minutes before!


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