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Impressed or underwhelmed

Beverages consumed in this episode: Vimto, Duvel (8.5%), Franziskaner weissbier (5%), E-fast CBD mojito, Zubr (6%), Kozel (4.6%)

Lengths : Video (1h8m52s), Audio (1h5m14s)

Dates : Recorded (27.09.22) Video release (29.09.22) Audio release (03.10.22)

Hosts : Beans (140), Gaz (109), Andy (107)

Guests : None

Just recently the episodes with guests are much more commonplace than the ones without. When there’s no guest we pick a topic and talk. Gaz tends to lead these episodes and pick the topics. This week he picked Impressed or underwhelmed.

What is underwhelming is our Audio quality just recently, we were sure we had it sorted for this episode. We were wrong. Whilst it is most definitely better, it’s still nowhere near good enough. We have subsequently identified two problems and we will endeavour to have it sorted for episode 141. We are all going away and looking at our audio setups. We ran a test before this episode and it sounded good. We will test again before episode 141 and hopefully have it sorted. Thanks for your patience.


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