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It’s a football thing!

Beverages consumed in this episode : Titanic Plum Porter (4.9%), Bishop’s Finger (5.4%), Love Lane Maple Syrup stout (7.4%), Space Paranoids Crazy Hazy IPA (3.7%), Cotswold Lakes Cotswold Blonde (5.8%), Magic Rock De Mole Mexican Mole Imperial Stout (10%)

Lengths : Video (1h6m32s) Audio (1h2m16s)

Dates : Recorded (02.08.22). Video Release (11.08.22) Audio release (15.08.22)

Hosts : Beans (133), Andy (103)

Guests : Dave Cartlidge, Mark Birtles

The idea behind this episode was to preview the upcoming 2022-23 football season for the point of view of a Crewe Alexandra fan, an Arsenal fan and two Man United fans. Even without Gaz we took a left turn very very quickly and never really got back on track. We had to mention the incredible achievements of the English Ladies’ team. The episode we created was much better than we originally had planned – looking at some of the major issues surrounding the sport that we all love.


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