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The DNA test results special

Beverages consumed in this episode : BrewDog Hazy Jane (5%), BrewDog Elvis Juice (6.5%), BrewDog V Mikkeller Urban Fog (6.5%), Mikkeller Blow Out IPA (6%), Straffe Hendrick Tripel (9%), Duchesse De Borgogne Chocolate Cherry (6.8%), BJ’s NitWit White Ale (4.7%)

Lengths : Video (1h16m43s) Audio (1h14m25s)

Dates : Recorded (14.06.22) Video release (23.06.22) Audio release (28.06.22)

Hosts : Beans (126), Gaz (97)

Guests : Jon Dickinson, Beau Barnett

We were joined by Beau to reveal – thanks to the magic of – whether Beans (and his brother Jon) are indeed the cousins of Beau and vice versa. If you’re not familiar with the story : Beans’ Grandparent had a child – his Dad – with an American soldier. She had planned to return to the USA with him and bring up their son but things got in the way and they lost touch. After gathering all the info from his Gran, Beans tracked down his living relatives – namely Beau – in the USA and got in contact. Beau took a trip to England in 2022 and although they were both convinced that they were relatedd decided to do a DNA test just to be sure. This episode, we share the results of that test. How will it go? I’m not going to tell you here. You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out.

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