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That’s the spirit!

Beverages consumed in this episode : Brewdog Vs Mikkeller Urban Fog (6.5%), Coca Cola zero

Lengths : Video (1h2m21s) Audio (59m52s)

Dates : Recorded (23.05.22) Video released (09.06.22) Audio released (13.06.22)

Host : Beans (124)

Guest : Jason Griffiths

Jason contacted Beans after listening to the History of Hauntings Podcast that Beans did. Jason had similar interests and this lead to him being invited on to Tall Boy Radio. Have you checked out History of Hauntings – it has it’s own section on this website – and is considerably more popular as it turns out – why not give it a listen? Jason was part of spirit Cheshire and was kind enough to share some audio, video and photographs with Beans before the episode – the audio and video were quite chilling. Jason shared some fascinating personal experiences. A genuine ghost-hunter…. and model railway enthusiast with his own YouTube channel… and radio host.

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