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Planet of the monkeys

Beverages consumed in this episode : Leffe Blond (6.6%) Piraat Tripel (10.5%) Nio Old-fashioned (29.3%) Nio Negroni (22%) Moth Espresso Martini (14.9%) Moth Margarita (14.9%) Bloody Classic Bloody Mary (6.3%)

Lengths : Video (1h6m57s) Audio (1h2m29s)

Dates : Recorded (17.05.22) Video released (02.06.22) Audio released (06.06.22)

Hosts : Beans (123), Andy (98), Gaz (95)

Guest : None

The first thing we need to mention about this episode is that Beans was having headphones troubles so he couldn’t hear much for the last 15 minutes. When Pubtime joined us we talked about the idea that we were placed here by aliens. We look at the 6 most “probable” – and we use that term loosely – as to how humans came to be on the planet. The phrase sci-fi keeps cropping up but listen, there was a time that we believed the world was flat and those who thought the world was a Glove were laughed at. We may chuckle now at those that think Serpent people rule the earth, but maybe they’ll have the last laugh. They probably won’t.

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