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The Railwaymen

Beverages consumed in this episode : Leffe Blond (6.6%), Holy Goat export stout (7.5%), Holy Goat Goblin Cleaver Russian Imperial stout (10%)

Lengths : Video (1h12m44s) Audio (1h7m49s)

Dates : Recorded (10.05.22) Video release (26.05.22) Audio release (30.05.22)

Hosts : Beans (122), Andy (97), Gaz (94)

Guest : Mark Birtles

Mark makes regular appearances on The Railwaymen podcast – a podcast about Crewe Alexandra FC – the nearest professional club to our hometown, Alsager. You maybe expecting to hear a story about what what it’s like to support a local club in the lower leagues of English football… but it goes much deeper than that. Mark was good enough to go into details about his struggles with Mental Health which lead him to attempt suicide. The club literally saved his life. The then manager went above and beyond to make a difference in Mark’s life. Beans, Gaz and Andy all support Premiership clubs so we can never imagine how a club like Crewe can have such ties with the community that supports it. It’s a humbling story and we hope that you take something from it.

If any of the issues affect you and you feel like you need help – if you’re in the UK you can contact the Samaritans – elsewhere in the world, please reach out to those who can help.

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