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Anon : Music, truth and chaos

Bevearges consumed in this episode : Delirium Red (8.5%), Leffe Blond (6.6%), Beavertown Gamma Ray Pale Ale (5.4%)

Lengths : Video (1h3m31s) Audio (1h0m25s)

Dates : Recorded (03.05.22) Video Release (12.05.22) Audio Release (16.05.22)

Hosts : Beans (120), Gaz (92), Andy (95)

Guest : Anon Mess Age Sage

We were joined my Musician Anon from Pittsburgh, PA. His hidden identity is a clue to the message he puts out there. Though his music is wrought from Chaos, he wants to help others overcome their challenges and fight off their demons. His music – by his own admission – is not for everyone but he makes it for his own pleasure. An intelligent man, very much in tune with his own sense of being and his place in the world. We hope you enjoy this curious perspective of the world.

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