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A handful of nuts

Beverages consumed in this episode : Beavertown Lupuloid (6.7%) BrewDog Elvis Juice (6.5%), Rheinbacher Weissbier (5%), Harper’s Ruby Red ale (5%), Vault City Triple fruited Mango (6.2%), Vault City Blueberry Maple (6.6%)

Lengths : Video (1h 8m 13s) Audio (1h 3m 30s)

Dates : Recorded (26.04.22) Video released (28.04.22) Audio released (02.05.22)

Hosts : Beans, Gaz

Guests : (Guest host) Dave Cartlidge

It’s another episode where we focus on current affairs. This one is much more about sport. Well sports journalism to be precise. We look at how Tyson Fury’s winning uppercut and Granit Xhaka’s goal against Man U for Arsenal were reported. Ricky Hatton and Mike Tyson also get a mention. We polish off the episode with some moral dilemmas.

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