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It’s Happy Hour at Tall Boy Radio

Beverages consumed in this episode : St Austell Proper Job (5.5%), Vocation Life and Death (6.5%), Falls City Beer Moon Fuel Coffee Stout (6%), Blue Moon Mango Wheat beer (5.4%), Twisted tea (5%), Crown Royal (40%)

Lengths : Video (1h08m47s), Audio (1h05m07s)

Dates : Recorded 29.03.22, Video released 07.04.22, Audio released 11.04.22

Hosts : Beans, Gaz and Andy

Guests : Mike Gray, Tabby Gray and Caleb Dodson

We were honoured to be joined by the guys from Happy Hour podcast. Beans and Andy have guested on their podcast and Tabby filled in for Jason when work constraints prevented him from appearing on the episode that we did with the Designated Quizzers podcast. They’re top guys and a lot of fun. We had a message from friend of the show, Bill earlier in the week suggesting an idea which we used in this episode. We also talked about their new role as coffee ambassadors and their Guinness World Record attempt to break the record for the longest Podcast episode ever and we were absolutely delighted to be offered the opening slot on the guest roster. Like I said, Top guys!!

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