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Current AffHAIRS

Beverages consumed in this episode : Shipyard IPA (5%), Harper’s Ruby Real Ale (5%), Vocation Life and Death IPA (6.5%) London Beer Factory Jungle Trip New England Pale Ale (5.3%)

Lengths : Video (58m04s), Audio (54m39s)

Dates : Recorded 29.03.22, Video released 31.03.22, Audio released 04.04.22

Hosts : Beans, Gaz and Andy

Guests : Dave Cartlidge

Gaz is back after breaking his collarbone and having Covid19 and to quote his good self, he’s in the driving seat. He had a load of stuff that he wanted to talk about and most of it was current affairs – see, we do know how to spell it! The AffHAIRS pun is a reference to Chris Rock’s joke at the Oscar’s. See what we did there? Please don’t slap us, Will. This was a fun joke where we started off talking about an inappropriate joke and then made a few of our own.

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