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Manchester, so much to answer for

Beverages consumed in this episode : BrewDog Elvis Juice (6.5%) Proper Job (5.5%)

Length : YouTube (55m17s) Audio (54m30s)

Dates : Recorded 08.03.22 – Video release 10.03.22 – Audio release 14.03.22

Hosts : Beans, Gaz

Guest : Al Shep

We were joined by Al – a mental health nurse with over 37 years experience. He has used his social media presence to draw attention to Mental health issues. He creates short videos that use the music of Manchester (including true greats like The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Joy Division, The Fall etc.) that grab your attention and leave you pondering about Mental Health. He is also a street artist with some notoriety. He joins us to talk about what he does, why he does it and of course his love for the music that he uses. It was an interesting one, this one – it’s the first time that we haven’t known the identity of our guest (as he was wearing a mask). Go grab yourself a cold one and kick back and learn….

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