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Superbowl, Valentine’s and broken clavicles

Beverages consumed in this episode : Jack Daniel’s (40%) Brew York Juice Forsyth IPA (5%)

Length : YouTube 1h0m51s – Audio 55m26s

Dates : Recorded 15.02.22 Video 17.02.22 Audio 21.02.22

Hosts : Beans, Gaz, Andy and Dave (Cartlidge)

Gaz stopped by to let us know that he was doing okay and that he’d be back proper as soon as he could. In the meantime, Dave has joined us for a couple of episodes as guest host. He’ll be back in March as a guest but in this episode, he stopped by for a chat…

Cats. We love ’em. Let’s be clear on that point. Yes, we may have been a bit flippant about Zouma and airguns too – but we’re using humour to make a point. It’s not okay to be nasty to your own cat (it isn’t) but if it’s someone else’s you can get away with it. Big loophole in the law… I’m not sure that came across in the episode.

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