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And on the 8th day God created TBR

Beverages consumed in this episode : Jack Daniel’s (40%), Vocation DDH Pale ale (5.2%)

Length : Video 1h3m39s – Audio 57m24s

Dates : Recorded 15.02.22 Video 24.02.22 Audio 28.02.22

Hosts : Beans, Andy and Dave

Dave’s back and he’s asking us questions. We were really open with our answers and we hope that you guys appreciate that. Dave always brings a very different perspective to Tall Boy. It’s different to having a guest on. Guests generally share their own experiences – experiences that are different to ours and we love to hear them. What Dave does is get us to share our experiences and opinions on the stuff that he wants to talk about and that stuff is generally stuff that we don’t always talk about. We’d love to hear your answers to his questions. Comment below if you’d like!

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