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Designated Quizzers V TBR

Beverages consumed in this episode : Jack Daniel’s (40%), Desperados whisky sour and lemon (7%), The Tapeworm (40%-ish)

Length : Video 1h23m32s, Audio 1h11m0s

Dates : Recorded 08.02.22 – Video released 10.02.22 – Audio released 14.02.22

Hosts : Beans, Andy

Guests : Lisa Marks, Tabby Gray

Tapeworm – Punishment Shot

You’ve probably picked up that it’s been challenging keeping the TBR juggernaut on the road at the minute. We were hitting it hard with guests (all from the USA) on every week. But then Andy’s availability coupled with Gaz breaking his collarbone has meant that we have had to ease off the gas. We’ve pushed back the Reload Rub episode that’s to feature Todd and Johnny from the Toddcast which will feature actual cooking until later in the year. We’ve eased off with guests and got a guest host in for a couple of coming episodes to take the pressure off. This episode therefor became the last late start we were going to have to make for a while. So it was a lot to expect that we wouldn’t hit a few potholes on this one. We should have been joined by Jason and Lisa of the designated quizzers podcast but as it transpired Jason had work commitments that he just couldn’t get out of and had to miss the recording. Fortunately Tabby from the Happy Hour podcast was a great last minute stand-in…. then Lisa’s chair collapsed TWICE during recording. Okay, that was actually pretty funny and Yes, we have submitted the video to You’ve been Framed. As it turned out though, it was a fun episode to record – and we’ve love it if you played along. Pick a team – either Beans and Andy or Tabby and Lisa – answer the questions and if you don’t do as well, you have to take the punishment shot described above. If you’re interested in the other podcasts, here’s where to find them…

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