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Tiddy and Shiner takeover

Beverages consumed in this episode : Diet Dr Pepper, Big Tiddy’s Bloody mary (ABV unknown), Northern Monk Rapscallion Orange zesty IPA (5.7%)

Length : YouTube 1h2m30s Audio 59m48s

Dates : Recorded Tu 01.02.22 YouTube release 03.02.22 Audio release 07.02.22

Host : Beans

Guests : Big Tiddy Tidwell, Shiner McShine

This was the second time that the hosts of the Tiddy and Shiner show out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gaz missed out as he was in a lot of discomfort with his broken shoulder. Andy was also a last minute miss. Big Tiddy and Shiner are famous for their left turns. Last time they were on it was just before last year’s superbowl and that was to be our first topic of conversation… we got there 40 minutes deep due to their their expertise in distracting conversation. Often controversial, always entertaining, always political but never politically correct, these guys are way up there with our list of favourite podcasters. We hope you enjoy this episode.

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