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Mind over matter

Beverages consumed in this episode : Rattler cider (6%), Jameson Whiskey (40%), Northern Monk Faith in Custard Rhubarb and Custard Pale ale (4.6%), Cloudwater & Rock Leopard IPA (6.2%)

Length : YouTube 1h10m15s, Audio 1h3m15s

Dates : Recorded 25.01.22, YouTube release 27.01.22, Audio release 31.01.22

Hosts : Beans, Andy

Guest : James Pesch

There are generally 2 ways to be a guest on Tall Boy Radio. (1) Ask – the answer is almost always Yes (2) be asked. The 3rd option is bump in to our no.1. fan Bill in Jamaica and have him ask you! We’re glad he did. James is a fascinating character with an interesting perspective on life. James is a life coach from Tulsa, Oklahoma. James shares his thoughts on Neuro-linguistic programming and his personal out look on life which has it’s roots in the ancient Greek philosophy of Stoicism. Fun fact : James is the only guest we’ve had perform a magic trick on the show. It’s am interesting episode and Gaz is sorry to have missed it (after breaking his collarbone on a BMX (or off it – if you follow!))

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