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Tall Boy and the Megaman

Beers drunk in this episode : BrewDog Punk IPA (5.4%), Buxton Brewery Forest Fruits ice cream Imperial Stout (10%)

Length : Audio 1h11m39s, Video 1h14m06s

Dates : Recorded Wed 19.01.22 – Video released 20.01.22 – audio released 24.01.22

Guest : Stephen “Megaman” Martinez of the Megaman Podcast (26th guest)

Megaman is a beast of the Podcast world and we were honoured to have him appear on Tall Boy Radio. He has released over 500 podcast episodes and guested on 400 more! Based in Long Beach, California – and talking about a wide range of subjects, not just the Latina community – he has a lot to say. He has regular features such as Craft beer of the week, small business of the week – we were keen to listen to what he had to say but most interestingly – he was keen to hear about the English Premier league, British pubs and our experiences. We look forward to having him on the podcast again in the future and to guest on his podcast. If you are want to check out the Megaman podcast, click on the link below.

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