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Joe Exotic’s package

Beers drunk in this episode : Adnam’s Ghost Ship (4.5%), Shipyard IPA (5%), Borderlands Brewery Tarras IPA (6%), Borderlands Reiver Red (5%), Grimbergen Rouge (6%)

This episode is named after a joke in the episode about the legendary Netflix show’s star – and we mean no offence by it. We were fans of the original series. The star of the show and his zoo in Oklahoma haven’t been out of the news since the start of the pandemic because of all the craziness that surrounds it. Series 2 is out and is undeniably an entertaining watch – but it lead to our question of the week : Why is a sequel so rarely better than the original? The scene setting is already done, you have a feel for the characters, so you can launch straight into the story.

We’d also love to know which film you preferred : The Terminator or Terminator 2 : Judgement day. There’s a bit of a debate but they settled on T2 being the better of the films. Which did you prefer?

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