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Gaz ghosts us!

Beers drunk in this episode : Polder’s Tulips blond craft beer (6%), Piraat (10.5%)

There’s no Gaz in this episode – he has a particularly nasty head cold that kept him out of the Tall Boy Radio studio. He’s all recovered and we expect him back for episode 92 – 92!!? Can you believe we’ve done that many!!?

As you’ll know if you’re a long term listener, Johnny Simonetti – the co-host of the Todd Orndorff on the Toddcast – sorted us out with some Reload rub. We aren’t exaggerating when we discussed it in this episode… the flavour is incredible. We’ve never tasted anything like it. So this is our question…

What meal would you like to see us cook with it? It’s a rub and seasoning. So be as adventurous as you like – we can do it!!

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