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Spoiler alert : James Bond dies

Beers drunk in this episode : Aldi Plum Porter (4.8%), Titanic Plum Porter (4.9%), Tyskie (5.3%), Neon Raptor Pecan and Chocolate Porter (8%)

In this episode, we talk about a whole load of topics. We asked the question last week about who should play 007 next and no one bettered the answer of Clare Balding.

This week we talked about the TV show “I’m a celebrity, get he out of here” and how we thought we’d get on in the show. Andy felt that he wouldn’t have a problem with any of the tasks but couldn’t participate as the other contestants would get on his nerves. Gaz felt that he also wouldn’t have a problem doing the tasks as long as he didn’t encounter any frogs. Whereas Beans was a bit more realistic and recognised his crippling fear of creepy crawlies and chronic Arachnophobia meant that not only could he not compete, but couldn’t even watch!!

How do you think you’d go on?

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