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I diddled the Devil

Beers drank in this episode : Leffe Alcohol Free (0.0%), Delirium (9.5%), Erdinger (5.3%), Desperados Mojito (6%)

“Fame, fame, fatal fame, it can play hideous tricks on the brain….”*

Would you want to be famous that’s the key question that came out of this week’s episode. Certainly it has it’s upsides – there’s the financial rewards and the recognition of your ability – something that Gaz recognised and he felt would be the reason why he would like to be famous (whereas Andy recognised that it gave you the ability to sit around the house and drink all day – something that some people do without fame, God bless ’em.) Whilst their appears to be financial rewards, there is also the risk of financial mismanagement. We’ve all seen the stories of Agents etc. getting more than their “fair” share of the pie. There’s always temptation – once you are spending at a level and living a lifestyle, when the money dries up, it’s difficult to amend the spend and bankruptcy and other financial woes often follow. These aren’t the only pitfalls. The hounding from the paperazzi, the desired reward does not always seen to be fulfilled. The stories of Caroline Flack, Amy Winehouse and many others tell us that the experience is not as fulfilling as it appears when we gaze in. Yet despite knowing all this we would all be sucked into the system – Would you? Is Fame something that you crave? If it came knocking would you see it as an opportunity of threat. We’d love to hear your opinions!

“But still I’d rather be famous than righteous or holy, any day, any day, any day”*


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